Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Devi Dancing

Devi started writing a post but took a break for a catnap.

I wonder what she's dreaming...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The "Incident"

You may have gotten the impurression from our last post that we're nose-in-the-air prissy cats but we're not! Devi and I are still kittens and don't mind getting our paws a little dirty if it means discovering something neat.

We kittens are always looking to climb new heights. Check out my balance work here:

Nice form, eh? I jumped from the saucer looking thing Mom and Dad call a toilet up to the top of those space-age looking window blinds. It was an easy jump to the top of the shower doors. Very graceful if I do say so myself! Devi was quite proud. Who knew that just a few days later, this same ledge would be an instrument of death...or near death.

Someone didn't click the bathroom door completely shut so all I had to do was give it a little push and I was IN! The room the humans call "bathroom" holds such fascination for me... shiny, sparkly objects, many different levels for jumping, and whatever lies on the other side of those shower doors. That morning, I was going to find out.

Thinking back now, it's all such a blur. Everything happened so fast! Up on the window I jumped, over to the shower door ledge and then KAPLOOSH!, into the water I went. I heard Mom talking to Dad later about how they heard crashing and splashing that didn't stop so Mom rushed into the bathroom, didn't see anything at first but heard me on the other side of the shower doors. I guess I managed to jump through the standing water to the handrail but kept scrapping and slipping on it, not able to get a grip. Mom looked into my wild eyes and grabbed me, pulling me close, but all I wanted was to get the heck out of that room!

She grabbed a towel, came after me, dried me up some then put another dry towel on the living room bookcase where the sun shone in so I could dry off some more.

Devi hopped up to lend a hand and help me get over the shock. Doesn't she look concerned? I guess I found out what was on the other side of those blasted shower doors! I didn't get my paws dirty this time, just wet. Needless to say, I haven't practiced my balance beam act since the "incident." Lesson learned: Don't jump on sweaty surfaces!

Devi has her own "incident" to share but she can do that in her own post. For now, ciao!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome to Cat Pranks!

Mrreeoww! This is Devi and Kali, your beautiful feline hosts here at Cat Pranks (who came up with that name, anyway?). In case you're wondering about our names, both are names of Hindu Goddesses (but of course!).

Devi is the Sanskrit word for Goddess. All Hindu Goddesses can be seen as different forms of Devi. In some she is gentle, mother-like, in others ferocious, but in all cases, she is helpful to her devotees. I, Devi, have a nurturing soul but if you mess with me, I'll go all kung fu on you!

Kali is associated with death and destruction but is today considered the goddess of time and change. You should see the holy destruction I can cause on a good day!

So, now that you know how spectacular we are and how it is wise to fear us, we can move on to other matters.

This blog was created because Mom is obsessed with taking photos of us, and rightly so, but she's afraid our beauty and charm cannot be fully appreciated with the occasional kitty post at her other blogs. So, we now have a blog of our own. Nose kisses to you, Mom!

We hope you'll visit us often. Please feel free to ask what you will. We'll decide whether or not we feel like answering. Mrreoww!!

Devi & Kali